Mental Capacity

This one is about mental capacity.

When I did a little poll about if you are more likely to burnout mentally or physically first. Most of you said mentally.

I think because as aerialists we are so physical, our physical capacities can grow and grow, but what about the mental aspect of what we do? We like to think we are super strong, tough cookies but we might not always counter for our mental needs.

I think this is important to think about when taking on work and filling schedules. Just because we have space in the calendar doesnt mean we have the capacity to take on everything that comes with it. It’s completely reasonable to need space and time between work especially work that drains your resources.

For me the level of awareness and attention required for teaching aerial (especially kids) drains me and I know I need breaks and space in between it to recoup. Also if I am creating work that requires bringing a lot of emotion to the surface I need to factor things in to protect myself from overwhelm.

If we can get rid of the shame and the big G (guilt) around needing time and space, and get rid of the expectation to ‘power through’ we can better regulate our own mental capacities, understand our own needs and better look after our mental health.

I would love to hear the methods you use to look after your mental health within aerial work 💛

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