Aerialist – Performer – Instructor – Psychologist

Emma is a Liverpool (UK) based aerial rope artist with years of international performing, creating and teaching experience which has carved her unique expressive style. She works against the traditional technique of rope, exploring how contemporary dance can be interwoven seamlessly from the floor to the air. She often uses multiple ropes to create knots in the air that suspend her untethered movement.

Emma’s ground-based practice is built around improving self-esteem and body-image in the aerial industry, backed by her psychological research. She is passionate about ensuring the autonomy of artists and establishing their own voice in their creative and professional work. She runs workshops and retreats around these topics bespoke to the aerial world.


Emma’s research continues following her Psychology Masters Degree in 2021 focusing on different aspects of aerialists. She shares her personal experiences along with psychology and counselling theory to help increase artists autonomy and believe in their ideas. Follow her on Instagram to see her work.

 Her dissertation project looked at the self-esteem, body image and eating attitudes of recreational and professional aerialists. She shares this research through workshops and courses.