Are you a Dancer?

Why do I instantly want to hug anyone who says they are or were a dancer? Because I think they have probably experienced at least some of the following.. -Suppressing the pain of being told they are not good enough over and over -Comments about their body needing to be different -Feeling like they constantlyContinue reading “Are you a Dancer?”

Training from pleasure or pressure

How are you training and treating your body. Is it coming from pressure or pleasure?  The motive behind what we do is important.  For example 2 people are doing 10 pull ups for conditioning.. Person 1 is doing them because they feel they NEED to, to keep up strength. They are feeling pressure to lookContinue reading “Training from pleasure or pressure”

People pleasing as a aerial teacher

Let’s talk about people pleasing and teaching. Are you a people pleaser? Do you also teach? Does this affect the way you teach? So talking from experience it’s very hard to manage being a people pleaser and also a teacher. Firstly, teaching is HARD. It takes so much planning, understanding, problem solving, physical effort, creativity,Continue reading “People pleasing as a aerial teacher”

Relationships with food

There was a point in my life where food was just part of an equation. Calories in – Exercises = Worth (lower the better). It was no longer food, it was a formula. The flavours started to disappear and it became a bit of a ‘will power’ game. I’m pretty competitive so when I discoveredContinue reading “Relationships with food”

Body Confidence

The fact that aerial can improve body confidence is amazing. Seeing what our bodies can achieve and what they are capable of doing. In the reasearch responses I got for this data above, people talked about aerial changing their outlook on their bodies from focusing on what they looked like to what their bodies couldContinue reading “Body Confidence”

Body Image

Out of 235 written responses to my research, 28% of participants mentioned a desire for a different body in regards to their self-esteem and body image. 64% were professional aerialists and 36% were recreational aerialists. My Untangled workshops have also revealed that this tends to be common transitioning from hobbyist to pro. The sudden needContinue reading “Body Image”