Are you a Dancer?

Why do I instantly want to hug anyone who says they are or were a dancer? Because I think they have probably experienced at least some of the following.. -Suppressing the pain of being told they are not good enough over and over -Comments about their body needing to be different -Feeling like they constantlyContinue reading “Are you a Dancer?”

Relationships with food

There was a point in my life where food was just part of an equation. Calories in – Exercises = Worth (lower the better). It was no longer food, it was a formula. The flavours started to disappear and it became a bit of a ‘will power’ game. I’m pretty competitive so when I discoveredContinue reading “Relationships with food”

Body Confidence

The fact that aerial can improve body confidence is amazing. Seeing what our bodies can achieve and what they are capable of doing. In the reasearch responses I got for this data above, people talked about aerial changing their outlook on their bodies from focusing on what they looked like to what their bodies couldContinue reading “Body Confidence”

Recreational to Professional

One of the questions I get asked the most is ‘how do you become a professional aerialist?’ and I still don’t have a answer. I used to think it revolved around a form of perfection and I ran into a bad spot chasing that tail. For me it’s not about strength, flexibility, body and otherContinue reading “Recreational to Professional”

Looking After Yourself

I am becoming more and more aware that many of us are not the best at looking after ourselves and at putting our own needs before the feelings of others. In fact I think it’s so common that we don’t even realise that we are doing it or that it’s even ok to not prioritiseContinue reading “Looking After Yourself”

Asking for help

When I was training as a dancer we didn’t have permission to show any ‘weakness’ because we were up against eachother and the claws would come out if we did. Weakness was anything which showed any need for the help of others and that became engrained in me. As humans we need other people forContinue reading “Asking for help”