Are you worth more?

I want to ask the question ‘Are you worth more?’

How you feel about this question will give you an indicator on how you feel about yourself.

More can mean love, money, appreciation, support, time, etc.

Do you think you are worth more, but waiting to see if others agree?

Do you think you are worth more, but scared to ask?

Do you yoyo from thinking you are one day and not the next?

You do never feel like you are worth more?

I’ve found in general aerialists can be pretty humble and research suggests we generally dont have the highest self-esteem. But it’s important because worth shows up EVERYWHERE. It’s what we are charging for our services, how we show up online, how / if we apply for opportunities, how we show up among others in the industry. Not to mention our lives outside of work. 

When we get immersed into the industry we often forget what it took to get to where we are. All the classes, workshops, conditioning, stretching, learning techniques, learning how to piece together a routine. We can look around and compare ourselves to others around us and think they are worth so much more than me. But what about all of your value? 

Write down or say out loud I’m Worth More and see how uncomfortable it is. Let me know how it feels

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