Work with me

As a creative mentor

Guiding artists through their creative process using methods built from personal and professional experience as well as psychology / counselling knowledge. Assuring that the artists’ voice remains the loudest throughout.

For aerial workshops

Fabric – Wrap Adventures

Learn fabric sequences full of unfamiliar wraps and brain-teasing, wrappy, snacks which you can take away and experiment with. 

Single Rope – Loops and Knots

Learn a non-dynamic rope style which is tangle focused and explores freedom of movement available when intertwined in a rope. 

Double Rope – Rope Jungle

For rope and/or fabric lovers who want to investigate a double rope jungle. Rolling and weaving from one rope to another within endless knotty possibilities. 

For grounded workshops


A ground based, sit with your coffee, kind of workshop which explores self-worth and body image within our unique aerial world. Using psychological research to determine how we can improve our relationships with ourselves and with our bodies. Including group tasks, journal prompts / exercises and discussions.