Are you a Dancer?

Why do I instantly want to hug anyone who says they are or were a dancer? Because I think they have probably experienced at least some of the following.. -Suppressing the pain of being told they are not good enough over and over -Comments about their body needing to be different -Feeling like they constantlyContinue reading “Are you a Dancer?”

Body Confidence

The fact that aerial can improve body confidence is amazing. Seeing what our bodies can achieve and what they are capable of doing. In the reasearch responses I got for this data above, people talked about aerial changing their outlook on their bodies from focusing on what they looked like to what their bodies couldContinue reading “Body Confidence”


As aerialists, like all performers, there’s an aspect of performing which relies on appearance. There’s certain aesthetics that event planners imagine, visual ideas that directors have and ideas of how we want to look ourselves. This sounds harmless in terms of make-up, costume, ect, but these ideas can turn into pressures which lead us toContinue reading “Appearance”