Looking After Yourself

I am becoming more and more aware that many of us are not the best at looking after ourselves and at putting our own needs before the feelings of others. In fact I think it’s so common that we don’t even realise that we are doing it or that it’s even ok to not prioritiseContinue reading “Looking After Yourself”

Asking for help

When I was training as a dancer we didn’t have permission to show any ‘weakness’ because we were up against eachother and the claws would come out if we did. Weakness was anything which showed any need for the help of others and that became engrained in me. As humans we need other people forContinue reading “Asking for help”


As aerialists, like all performers, there’s an aspect of performing which relies on appearance. There’s certain aesthetics that event planners imagine, visual ideas that directors have and ideas of how we want to look ourselves. This sounds harmless in terms of make-up, costume, ect, but these ideas can turn into pressures which lead us toContinue reading “Appearance”

Mental Capacity

This one is about mental capacity. When I did a little poll about if you are more likely to burnout mentally or physically first. Most of you said mentally. I think because as aerialists we are so physical, our physical capacities can grow and grow, but what about the mental aspect of what we do?Continue reading “Mental Capacity”


Guilt has come up a lot in these conversations relating to aerial. Feeling guilt for..– times we are not training– food we are eating– rest we are taking– letting coaches/ students down– not commiting enough time– not working hard enough– having a social life– taking breaksect In a industry which is heavily reliant on theContinue reading “Guilt”