Reclaim – Weekend Retreat

Reclaim is a weekend retreat created to build confidence, repair broken relationships with your body, uncover the truth about what’s holding you back and release the negative stories and self-doubt that prevent you from showing up as the fierce, confident and empowered woman that you were born to be!

Over the weekend we will guide you through a very personal project in the comfort of a super supportive group dynamic. Combining movement, journaling, dance, meditation, group activities and so much more! We will equip you with all the tools required to shed an old version of you and bloom into your future self. Designed by us, Amy and Emma using a mixture of our combined professional skills as well as our own very personal experiences of the pressure of the dance world and perceived judgement of society in the way we look and feel about ourselves and our bodies.  We wanted to incorporate our love of dance – the playful side of it that we loved as children. This is very close to our hearts and has been a massive part in both of our journeys into gaining the confidence and self acceptance we have today as teachers and as women.

To Book

To book a retreat please fill the form below and we will respond via email with payment details. Booking is not confirmed until payment is received and a confirmation email has been sent.