Untangled Workshop

What – Self-esteem and Body Image Workshop for aerialists (anyone is welcome)

Where – Online (Zoom) Recording available for rest of December

When – 11.12.22 11:00-12:30 (GMT)

Price – £25


Untangling the thoughts and stories about ourselves and our bodies. This workshop is for aerialists who struggle with or are just interested in self-esteem and body image and how this works in the unique aerial world.

This workshop in particular will focus on embracing rest, grounding, self-compassion as December is often emotionally charged. It will include discussions, journal prompts, and tools that will help build a better relationship with your body and yourself.

All you need is a pen, paper and a comfy spot to sit and watch.

If you have done a Untangled workshop with me before (Online or In-person) I’m giving you 40% discount so £15.

To book

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Untangled – Self-esteem and Body Image Workshop for aerialists (In Person)