People Pleasing

This one is about people pleasing.  I have always been a people pleaser and I am getting better at not doing it now but it’s a lifelong habit I am trying to break. This is common with low self-esteem and usually means you are seeking worth from other people via their approval. People pleasers commonlyContinue reading “People Pleasing”


So my research for my dissertation had the theme of self-worth come up wether that aerial increasing worth due to achievements and progress and also decreasing worth due to comparison to others and tight training clothes. It was very split and very personal. As a kid I was so quiet that I always expressed myselfContinue reading “Self-Worth”

Food Habits as an aerialist

This post is on the sensitive topic of food and eating… I am amazed at how many people mentioned that aerial played a part in healing eating disorders and anxiety around food. The idea that food became something to fuel aerial instead of something to be feared and controlled. It was an emotional read andContinue reading “Food Habits as an aerialist”

Post Lockdown Training

I have lots more to share about my aerial and psychology research.. Anxiety around being strong enough, fit enough, or looking good enough getting back into training/performing post lockdown has come up a lot. I think lockdown changed all of our lifestyles and only a lucky few had access to upsidedowness. I know for meContinue reading “Post Lockdown Training”