Recreational to Professional

One of the questions I get asked the most is ‘how do you become a professional aerialist?’ and I still don’t have a answer. I used to think it revolved around a form of perfection and I ran into a bad spot chasing that tail. For me it’s not about strength, flexibility, body and otherContinue reading “Recreational to Professional”


At the end of my research questionnaire I left a open comment box and I got 235 comments from aerialists about what affects their self-esteem (thanks to everyone who did this🤗). Many people mentioned how comparing themselves to others affected their self-esteem negatively. On social media, in class, in a training space, etc, comparing bodyContinue reading “Comparison”


This one is about procrastination as requested. What I know about procrastination is that it is a form of stress relief and NOT laziness. So, when I am looking at my to-do list and for example it says ‘make invoice’ I’m not stressed about the invoice. I am stressed about something going on in theContinue reading “Procrastination”

Toxic Productivity

As aerialists we are committed to a career / hobby / business that requires a fair amount of work. Whether that training, conditioning, lesson planning, stretching, book keeping, funding applications, creating, choreographing, etc. So, we have an infinite number of things that we can be ‘getting on with’. This can be SO overwhelming. How canContinue reading “Toxic Productivity”