Creative Immersion – Sligo

New Dates Coming Soon

3 full days of creative immersion in beautiful county Sligo, Ireland at the lovely AcroAer studio.  Emma Poole and I have teamed up to bring you a weekend of the very best that each of us has to offer in all things creative, movement and expression.

Each day will consist of 4 workshops ranging from dance trapeze, spinning technique, double rope, creative labs, sequencing, functional flexibility and more! This immersion is designed to feed the artist in you and connect deeper with your expression and aerial practice. We can’t wait to share these thoughtfully crafted workshops with you.

Here is an outline of the schedule for the Creative Immersion.

The Alchemy of Spinning – Dance Trapeze (Kalina)

In this workshop I’ll teach you how to find ease and alignment in your spins. Focusing on the foundations for high and low bar spins. Progressing into shapes, and how to integrate movement and play. (Don’t worry you don’t need to spin for 90mins straight! )

*Students must be comfortable inverting in the air 

Artful Expression – Creative lab (Emma & Kalina)

This workshop is about what makes movement meaningful. What’s the difference between acting something out and artful expression? How do you find it? This kind of expression comes from the authentic embodiment of an emotion and channelling it into your movement. 

We’ll dive into techniques and tools we use to uncover and draw forward expression and how to connect it with your movement. 

*Open to all levels

Double Rope – Creative Knot Explorations (Emma)

Exploring two ropes rigged together, like a mixture of rope, and fabric. We will be investigating wraps in this gripy and extra knotty exploration. Transferring previous skills and finding new ones.

*Students must be comfortable inverting in the air 

Fabric – Wrap Adventures (Emma)

In this workshop you will learn fabric sequences full of unfamiliar wraps. Brain teasing flows that leave room for you to experiment with your own creative flare.

*Students must be comfortable inverting in the air 

Single Rope – Loops and Knots (Emma)

This is a sequence based workshop using Emmas unique tangley and flowly style. Learning a sequence and finding ways of adding your own flare to it. 

*Students must be comfortable inverting in the air 

Spaces In Between – Dance Trapeze (Kalina)

This workshop is about finding fluidity and breath in sequences.  I’ll be teaching a sequence that highlights moments of transition, the spaces between the tricks. I’ll show you how to find grace and continuity in those moments to bring you a fuller and more enjoyable experience in your movement.

*Students must be comfortable inverting in the air 

Transforming Tricks – Dance Trapeze (Kalina)

This 2hr in person workshop is focused on integrating and transforming tricks into your creative movement and expression. How to blend the creative intuition lead world of movement with the technical trick based one and how to maintain the feeling of flow and creativity. 

*Students must be comfortable inverting in the air 

Untangled – Self worth & body image (Emma)

This is a ground based, sit with your coffee, kind of workshop which explores self-worth and body image within our unique aerial world. Using psychological research to determine how we can improve our relationships with ourselves and with our bodies. Including group tasks, journal prompts and discussions. 

*Open to everyone

Vertical Spin – Vertical (Emma)

Looking at how we can spin on fabric and rope. Exploring generating a spin from the floor up and getting creative with generating a spin whist in the air. 

*Students must be comfortable inverting in the air 

Flexibility workshop (Kalina)

Why not end the day by giving back to your body with some flexibility work. The workshop will focus on releasing and stabilising your body before working deeper into flexibility of splits and backbends. I’ll encourage you to work at your own pace and will give you modifications and progressions that fit your level and needs.

*All levels welcome!

About us


I’m a dance trapeze artist, coach, and mentor. It is my mission to guide artists and movers in discovering and cultivating their creativity. 

I grew up in the Appalachian forests of West Virginia where trick riding, dancing, and tree climbing fostered an early love of instinctive movement. As I got older, these creative outlets were replaced by the study of contemporary dance, ballet, and physical theatre in the US, Switzerland, and the UK.  I took up circus arts in 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland, which led me to study at both the Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona and the New England Center for Circus Arts, where I specialised in dance trapeze and flexibility.

Over the years I developed my own approach to dance trapeze, born from a desire to feel free and organic in my movement.  This experimental approach led me to travel, teach, and perform in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, UK, and throughout Europe. 


Emma is an aerialist from and based in Liverpool, England with years of international teaching and performing experience. Her dance background supports her creativity on all apparatus, especially silks, hoop and rope on which she has her own expressive style. She has performed in various shows with Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre in Ireland and All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre in Scotland. She has performed in places such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Norway and Australia alongside creating her aerial company Tangled In Air where she shares her creative flare.