Training from pleasure or pressure

How are you training and treating your body. Is it coming from pressure or pleasure? 

The motive behind what we do is important. 

For example 2 people are doing 10 pull ups for conditioning..

Person 1 is doing them because they feel they NEED to, to keep up strength. They are feeling pressure to look a certain way. They fear if they don’t then they will not be able to execute skills anymore/ be deemed unprofessional/ lose work. 

Person 2 is doing them because they FEEL good doing them. They know they make movement feel better but if they are not feeling like doing pull ups they can easily swap them to something else, do less, or rest.

Two completely different motives but identical on the outside. I have been both person 1 and 2.

When I was person 1 I found training very stressful. A lot was hanging on a training session. It directly determined how I saw myself. If I couldn’t match my normal conditioning set then I had to give a narrative to why and then ‘take action’ to make sure I could keep up my strength (the narratives were not usually rational, normally to do with weight gain).  

Then being person 2 was wayyy more free. I was doing what I felt like on that particular day. Taking away expectations and pressure to achieve things.

I used to think that being person 2 would mean nothing would ever get done. I thought I could only be fuelled by this pressure. But I still train and I train what I want and it feels soooo much better. It has also brought me to a place where I can be more creative and expressive too. 

Now, this transition didn’t happen overnight and I had to do a lot of work unravelling the stories I had accumulated over the years around my worth and my work. However, it was SO worth it. This is a reminder if you are struggling, it doesn’t have to be like that forever. 

Find the pleasure in what you do again 🧡

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