Funding Applications

I don’t know. This could just be me here..

But funding applications terrify me. They make me confront and question my self- worth which is VERY uncomfortable. I will make every excuse not to write one because its so uncomfortable.

When you break it down its just filling in a form. But to get to the form you have to slay a few dragons first. All gremlins come to the surface and show their ugly heads and you have to get past them each step of the way.

I can go from thinking I have a great idea for a project, to deleting the word document, very quickly.

But the more we are aware of our gremlins and how they show up. The more we can ignore their judgement and fill the thing.

Then.. if we don’t get the funding. It is NOT proof to our gremlins. NOT a reflection of our work/ skills / idea. It’s simply that we didn’t fit that time for that pot of money. It’s not time for self sabotage.

Who’s with me on this? 🙋‍♀️

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