Recreational to Professional

One of the questions I get asked the most is ‘how do you become a professional aerialist?’ and I still don’t have a answer. I used to think it revolved around a form of perfection and I ran into a bad spot chasing that tail.

For me it’s not about strength, flexibility, body and other fluctuating things. It’s not about how known you are on social media. It’s not about how well known the company you work for is. It’s not about how much money you make.

Basing our value on these things is risky because circumstances can change so quickly and therefore that would mean your value could to. But should we lose value overnight because we can no longer ‘do the splits’? 

Not that the things above don’t have value, of course they do, but they don’t equate your value. I think it’s about feeling value in yourself. Believing that you have got something worth sharing and working towards keeping that belief on the good AND the bad days. 

Like any stage in a career, you can wait for someone else to tell you that you are worthy of moving forward or you can fast track to believing it yourself first and not accepting anything that says otherwise.

Finding this value in ourselves is scary and messy but comes with long term stability. I’m deep in all the ugly stuff at the minute. But the more at home I can feel in myself, the less I need to keep looking elsewhere for my worth.

Would love to hear your thoughts on value 🧡

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