This one is about procrastination as requested.

What I know about procrastination is that it is a form of stress relief and NOT laziness. So, when I am looking at my to-do list and for example it says ‘make invoice’ I’m not stressed about the invoice. I am stressed about something going on in the background and my brain is thinking ‘wait a minute why don’t you scroll Instagram instead so it’s nice and easy and responsibility-free’. Then it’s been an hour I’ve been on 90 different Instagram profiles and still no invoice. 

I noticed the more stressed I am, the more I get behind on everything and then I get stressed about being behind on everything and feel guilty and awful about myself for ‘messing everything up’. 

I am no pro at dealing with this but what has helped me is changing procrastination from being a bad trait that I have to a coping mechanism for stress. Then I am able to take the guilt away and look at what the stress is and how I can lessen the impact of that or acknowledge the stress is there to look at it later and do the thing. 

I have found that now I am not looking at it in a negative way I also can’t use it as a way to self-sabotage.

I tend to procrastinate about things that are important, as in responsibilities that I need to do or things that are important to me. The things that are important to me (in a work sense) tend to be scary things like creating the work I want to create or working with people I admire so my mind likes to pick less scary things to do.

I am still trying to figure this one out but @melrobbins has got loads of information on this. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this 🧡

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