Toxic Productivity

As aerialists we are committed to a career / hobby / business that requires a fair amount of work. Whether that training, conditioning, lesson planning, stretching, book keeping, funding applications, creating, choreographing, etc. So, we have an infinite number of things that we can be ‘getting on with’.

This can be SO overwhelming. How can we have time for anything else when there’s so much we can be doing?

In the past this has led me to fill every inch of my schedule with ‘productivity’, max out my to do lists. I can rest /take a holiday when there’s nothing left to do.. but there will always be something and we can always think of something.

Productivity can easily be connected to worth and success. Which means we can see ‘non-productive’ moments in the day (when we are not box ticking) as failures, setbacks, proof that we are ‘not enough’.

I wanted to write this, week two of January, after the week with the most expectation and pressure. Diving headfirst into the depths of our 2022 bucket lists and figuring out how cruel our own expectations have been.

I’ve never met an aerialist without passion and drive. Which is great.. but probably makes it harder to find the work/ life balance.

Finding a balance does not equal giving up on our hopes and dreams. It makes the journey there more enjoyable.

Just a bit of food for thought day 10 of the year.

How is your work / rest / play balance? Do your expectations of yourself need altering at all?

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