The start of the year is perfect for letting go of habits and introducing new ones. However, when we are deciding these things it’s important to be aware of the why’s.

Am I setting goals and habits because I want to and it will be good for ME? or because without them I am less of a person/professional, a failure?

The intention makes all the difference.

It is important to make sure that this is not fuelled and designed by our self hatred. I know in the past I was using exercise and diet as punishment and for complete control of my body. I was also setting a lot of unrealisitic goals and I would attatch my whole worth to them so if I ‘failed’ that confirmed I was a ‘failure’. Then I would set more goals from self hate and that would become part of an unhealthy cycle.

Although I am now in a healthier headspace, it’s difficult not to slip back into habits of restrictions and complex training plans. After the chaos and lack of routine of Christmas all I want is structure. But I know too much structure can be really counterproductive, especially if I end up back in that cycle.

Also for me, creativity laughs at structure. It does not like to be confined, so I can’t try and squash it in a box. We can’t schedule an idea to arrive or a burst of creative spark. Things can move and shift and that’s ok.

Although aerialists seem superhuman. We are not. Go easy on yourself

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