Asking for help

When I was training as a dancer we didn’t have permission to show any ‘weakness’ because we were up against eachother and the claws would come out if we did. Weakness was anything which showed any need for the help of others and that became engrained in me.

As humans we need other people for survival yet a lot of us want to be completely independent to feel in control and safe. Also if we think of asking for help as a weakness or failure we are less likely to ask for it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt doing this aerial psychology thing it’s that things are not as they seem. There’s a lot of people who are very good at hiding their struggles. So although it looks like everyone has their shit together, they really don’t (me included if it looks like I do).

We all need help one time or another and if we don’t ask for it, funnily enough, people won’t know we need it. There’s a lot of strength in asking for help. It’s vulnerable, but if you are suffering in silence it’s so important look to other people. Even if you don’t know what you specifically need from them.

There’s a lot of us who are self-employed and I used to confuse that with having to be completely independent and self-sufficient, without the need for another human. Well it turns out that’s extremely unrealistic and unattainable. Ofcourse we need to lean on eachother for help. Its difficult out there and impossible on your own.

If you have something you are struggling with, workload, funding application, time management, motivation, health, ect, ask for some help. If you are looking for a sign, use this one to go and do it. 

You have permission to get help for the thing. Nomatter how much you think you ‘shouldn’t need to ask for help’.

Are you good at asking for help? If not, what is stopping you?

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