This one is about aging as I had a lot of requests for it. 

I find this difficult to write about as I feel unqualified to talk about it. But anyway here are my thoughts, please add yours. 

I hear people say they wish they would have started aerial earlier in life or they are ‘too old’ to start. I find it sad that this holds people back. I have even heard teenagers say its too late because they think it’s something they have to have started as a 3-year-old to succeed in it. I have seen so many people start aerial at so many stages of their lives and become beautiful and successful aerialists. But also doing an aerial class doesn’t mean you are striving to become a professional aerialist. Professionals and hobbyists are valid at any age.

People talk as if as an aerialist you have a ‘sell by date’. Like it’s something you do when you are younger before you go and get a ‘real job’. Something short-term that you have to ‘enjoy while you can’. I think after spending years building your practice, skills, creating the work you want to create this concept is quite scary if you feel you have to give it all up, like it was all for nothing. I like to think we are able to keep growing in the aerial field in whatever direction we fancy for as long as we wish without age holding us back. I don’t know how naïve that is but I have seen enough evidence to still believe this idea. I understand physical ability may vary and send us on different paths. I also understand people who want to change careers to something less intense physically and mentally. But I think if we believe that we are past our ‘prime’, this can make us stuck. 

I also think age benchmarks are unhealthy. I hate them in general. I don’t believe we need to have achieved certain things by certain ages. Life happens and we don’t need the extra pressure.  

Anyway that’s my thoughts.. What are your thoughts on aging as an aerialist?

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