When I am teaching kids aerial I always say at the end when we are stretching ‘well done today you achieved so many things’ and there’s always at least one who says ‘I didn’t, I couldn’t do X move’. Then I break into an argument with them telling them how great they are. Breaks my heart to see kids not feeling ‘good enough’ at such an early age.

When we are focusing on a certain goals sometimes we don’t appreciate all of the little wins going on in the background. For example, sometimes in class people are in the air in some amazing position but trying to get to a certain thing and say ‘ahh I’m awful at this’. But to a passerby you are some amazing circus god doing the most impressive thing they have ever seen.

Achievement is a weird one when society has some mad suggestions on what we should have achieved by a certain age. I find achievements to be so personal. I used to think of it as a one size fits all and the first one to get there was the winner but I’ve discovered that’s not the case at all.

Over the last year sometimes even getting out of bed in the morning has been an achievement. But we put so much pressure on ourselves still.
I think we can go a little easy on ourselves when it comes to not having the perfect technique, career, home, partner, life, ect.

Celebrate your achievements peeps, no matter how small they might seem from the outside

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