A big learning curve for me was learning how fearful I am of the judgement of other people. In the counselling course I’ve just done a key skill is being non-judgemental towards a clients because that in itself can be healing. When you think about that it shows how impactful judgement can be.

When I take other people’s judgement out of the equation I am way more creative, authentic and generally better at what I do. It’s so liberating to not worry about what other people will think and it is something that I have never been able to do, though it sounds so obvious.

It’s amazing the power of the judgement or potential judgement of one person can have. This person might not even judge you in a bad/wrong/negative way but the thought of them doing so is petrifying.

I don’t know if this is more common in performers because we are generally judged more often by audiences and in auditions. But I know my work goes through a lot of filtering of ‘what will they think’ when I am feeling particularly vulnerable.

My new task is for each person who makes me feel like I can’t fully express myself I try to find where it is coming from. Once I realise the ‘why’ it often makes a lot more sense and I can get past it.

I am not sure how alone I am with this🤔 Who else has the judgement fears to the point were you can’t run with an idea, share your creativity with people or be your full self?

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