Post Lockdown Training

I have lots more to share about my aerial and psychology research..

Anxiety around being strong enough, fit enough, or looking good enough getting back into training/performing post lockdown has come up a lot.

I think lockdown changed all of our lifestyles and only a lucky few had access to upsidedowness. I know for me it caused major anxiety about losing strength and skills at first. I put a lot of my worth as a performer/teacher/person on what I could do in the air so I reached a bit of an identity crisis when I wasn’t in the air at all. It took months and lots of tantrums to get past this and sometimes it still catches me off guard when I can’t do things as well. I am not sure how much strength I have lost because I am purposely avoiding measuring it but I have seen people being really hard on themselves and disappointed trying to match pre-lockdown reps/skills. I have also seen others being patient and having a more relaxed training schedule. I know I am now way more relaxed about training and have dropped the intense conditioning which I hated anyway.

Have training habits changed post-lockdown?

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