Body Image

I am in the middle of analysing the data for my dissertation (aerial self-esteem and body image) that a lot of you lovely people helped me with and there are so many things that keep coming up. I want to start sharing some things I have been finding with you as it seems that a lot of us are struggling with the same things.

There seems to be a split between aerial leading to body confidence and appreciation for what the body can do. But then also comparison, performing in tight costumes, mirrors in studios and pressure from teachers/coaches having a negative impact. I agree with both and it is so interesting reading different experiences.

Many people have wrote about wanting/ needing visable abs and muscle definition to be accepted as an aerialist. I was surprised as this seems to have become a ‘rule’. Coming from the dance world years ago it was so refreshing for me to see so many different body types in an aerial class but now I am hoping body pressures in aerial are not increasing in the same way.

Is there an ‘ideal aerialist body’ in the aerial community and where is this coming from?

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